Are you wanting to achieve a super slick ponytail this holiday season? Maybe you’re not quite sure what product to use or the right technique. In this video, I’m here to show you how plus, I’m going to give you a bonus tip on how best to part your hair to accentuate your face.

Before recording this video, I went in and deep cleaned my hair and scalp with Balance Clarifying Shampoo to get rid of any product build-up from the week. Of course, I conditioned with Recover Conditioner to strengthen and repair my hair for the week!

Starting with a clean slate, I start by flat ironing my hair along with using Body 5ive. This thermal protectant is excellent for a slack finish while getting rid of any frizzies and flyaways. In this tutorial, I am using a few tools, including my detangling brush, and I also have a Boar’s hair bristle brush. The one I am using is from Conair, and I picked it up at my local drugstore. A boar hair bristle brush will guide through the hair much cleaner and doesn’t leave the streaks or lines that you can tend to get with a detangling brush.

To start, you’re going to find a middle part. Using Downtown Gel, an alcohol-free gel that provides a medium hold, will allow for a very sleek style. I apply a small amount in my palm and work it through my hair. This is important; that way, the hairstyle lasts all day!

Here’s a quick tip:

Depending on your forehead’s size, we will position the slicked portion of your hair downward to disguise a bit of the forehead area.

Once our hair is positioned in a location we are comfortable with, we are then going to tuck away our hair behind our ears. The front portion of hair that we tucked behind our ears will create a low ponytail for a smooth, tight finish.

Before creating our ponytail with our elastic hair tie, make sure you use your brush to make sure there aren’t any remaining flyaways. Once our hair is in place, use your elastic hair tie and give your hair a nice tug to make sure it’s smooth and tight!

Because my hair is layered, I’m going to use a little bit of Framing Paste! This is a spongy, almost creamy wax consistency. Take a little bit of this product and apply and create warmth with your hands. I’m going to use this right over the top, along with my Boar bristle brush, while combing the Framing Paste in.

This combination of products gives superb definition and shine! Now let’s not forget to show some love to our ponytail! We are going to go in and apply my Reflex 6. This is a shine serum that works wonders to smooth any frizz and flyaways.

And there you have it! A super professional, sleek hairstyle! For an extra pop of fun and classiness, you can finish off your look with a bright red lipstick to make this very professional and super chic. I hope you enjoy this hairstyle and if you have any suggestions, please reach out to us on social media!

Cleanse & Condition

Balance Clarifying Shampoo


Cleanse & Condition

Recover Conditioner



Body 5ive Bodifier



Downtown Gel



Framing Paste