FibreFlex Styling Spray

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Formulated with natural sunscreens to protect your hair from UV rays, also humidity-resistant. Great for defining, lifting, shaping, and firmly holding.

Our Healium Hair Promise
All purchases come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Free domestic shipping on orders over $49. All of our products and ingredients are cruelty-free and certified by PETA. We do not use any parabens or sulfates and each product has up to 25 botanical ingredients to heal your scalp and nourish your hair.

This 5 in 1 styling and texture spray is a gel base in an aerosol spray to use on dry hair.  Best overall product for building allover hold and volume.

Root Lift: Spray this in at the root for volume and hold. With the container six to 10 inches from scalp, lift hair in medium-size sections and spray into dry strands.

Scrunch curls: For a firm, defined look and feel on curls, spray into curls and scrunch.  Reassess and add more for desired look and feel.

Sculpt: If looking to shape the hair up, down, or back?  Look no further. Product dispenses wet, allowing you to brush and shape hair into desired style.

Hot Tools:  Whether it’s a wand, curling iron, or flat iron, FibreFlex does not stick, flake, or dust.  Section off hair, spray section holding can 6-10 inches away, and hot tool away!

Finishing Spray: A texturizing spray that provides long-lasting, flexible hold, and buildable texture, leaving hair with a glam finish.


SD Alcohol 40-B, Hydrofluorocarbon 152A, Octylacrylamide/acrylates/butylaminoethyl metha-crylate copolymer, Aminomethyl propanol, benzophenone-4, peg-12 dimethicone, animopropylphenyl trimethicone, dimethicone, triethyl citrate, propylene glycol, ethyl ester of hydrolyzed silk, fragrance (parfum)

19 reviews for FibreFlex Styling Spray

  1. Sherry Evans

    I tried this FibreFlex styling spray and am not impressed. It’s hard to spray and it made my hair very stiff and hard to manage. I had to re=wash my hair!

  2. Jamie

    I just received this product and started to use it. While I really like the spray itself (seems to be terrific for my humid climate), I don’t like to delivery mechanism. Instead of a fine mist spray that is easy to control, the product is released from the nozzle inconsistently – sometimes as a heavier spray, sometimes as a stream, and sometimes just all over the place. I could give this 5 stars if the spraying mechanism was improved upon.

  3. Vicki

    I love this hairspray, and I’ve tried a lot. It doesn’t have an overbearing smell like some do, and it makes my hair stay put without feeling like glue. This one’s a keeper for me.

  4. Bonnie Lehnen

    I love all of the Healium products. I have thin hair which I am trying to let grow just a little bit. These products have helped me achieve a look I am trying to fix. My absolute favorite thing about this company is Beth! I love her Facebook videos and her personality comes shining through! Especially love her kids and dog interrupting the videos! How real is that!

  5. Margaret Molleur

    Love this product/ since Im moving to Florida I’m going to need it big time.
    humidity in new Mexico rarely gets above 25.

  6. Jeli

    This has to be the best styling spray I have ever used and I have tried many over the years. It doesn’t weigh down or leave my fine, wavy hair stiff. My hair has a nice shine throughout the day.

  7. Annette

    FibreFlex delivers! No flat hair at mid-day! Watch the video tutorial before using.

  8. Betsy

    This stuff is the best! I have short hair and it give me great lift that stays all day. It’s not sticky nor crunchy, and it doesn’t make my hair feel dirty.

  9. Alice weekley

    I learned about this product from a Dominque Sachse you tube tutorial. It’s a game changer for my thick hair. I love the root lift, the shine, the sunscreen, and the fact that it rinses out with just water.

  10. Judy

    I love this product!!!!!!

  11. Jaclyn

    Best product for volume I have ever used. This is a must have!

  12. Tina ROBERTS

    Great product, very versatile, can be used in many ways, wet or dry. My husband loves it too…he spritz a bit on unruly parts of his hair to keep in place, then an light overall mist to hold for the entire day!! AWESOME!!!!!

  13. Halee

    Loving this product!! It’s probably the best texture spray I’ve used and has a great hold to it. It doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy or sticky like other texturizing products I’ve used. I would highly recommend this product!

  14. Marisela

    LOVE!!! Feels like hairspray going on, but gives me so much volume. I have heavy thick straight hair and this gives me the glam hair look. LOVE LOVE!!!!!

  15. Julie

    I got some major volume with this stuff! It takes a little practice and you don’t need much, but it definitely works! And my hair felt great afterwards, not a lot of stickiness or stiffness.

  16. Marianne Porricelli

    Feels just like hair spray. Don’t see too much volume. Disappointed

  17. Karen Solar

    Love this product!!!! No other product I tried has worked as well as this one. Really gives you lift at the root

  18. Lisa

    Were has this been all my life! Instant gorgeous hair! Volume for days. Wonderful light smell, not heavy. Love it! Great customer service as well.

  19. Debbie

    Absolutely love this product! It gives my roots the lift I needed and the product stays all day without feeling stiff! I will definitely buy again as well as trying other products!!! Thanks so much!!! Very pleased with purchase!

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