Have you ever heard, maybe she’s born with it? Look, nobody’s born with big, beautiful hair! You either earn it, you buy it or you create it. So I’m going to show you today how you can get the same look.

First, we’re going to start with the base, our aiHr Whipp Mousse, which is a volumizing mousse. This product is alcohol-free and a little bit goes a long way. As you can see in the image below, it does not fall apart or dissipate. It holds its consistency really, really well. In the video, I am only going to style half of my hair so you can see the side by side difference.

We’re going to work this through on towel-dried damp hair, root to end and work it through and up.

Pro tip: Work the mousse through the hair and pushing the root up away from the scalp. That’s going to create the base of my volume.

Most hair mousses are polymer based used for holding the hair in place, which when mixed with alcohol, gives you that crunchy feel. Because aiHr Whipp Mousse is alcohol-free, it will provide a layer of volume and hold, while being complete water-soluble. This means that it will rinse out entirely!

The next step is to make sure we use the proper technique to apply the aiHr Whipp Mousse in order to create volume. With my fingers, I’m going to work my hair until it’s 80-95% dry. I’m actually going to do this upside down as well. Because again, I’m directioning that root away from the scalp to create volume at the root for extra lift. This is how I achieve the hold that I’m looking for.

Another technique when you’re drying:

Make sure you flip your hair over to the other side to create lift at the root. The mousse is going to give you the hold, let the product do the work, but you do the correct technique.

Healium Hair Aihr Whipp Mousse @TheGlamBelle on IG

If you think that mousse is only good for straight, wavy or long hair, then think again!

Newsflash: Take a look at this beauty found on Instagram under @TheGlamBelle. Our mousse is her go-to for styling to keep her curls defined yet not crunchy or hard.

So far the only product I have in is aiHr Whipp Mousse. And you can see the volume already starting around minute 2 in the video. Before going in with my curling iron, I’m going to give my hair a nice layer of protection that way I can create full and gorgeous barrel curls and waves!

Oh btw, I’m using a 1.5 inch barrel iron from Hot Shot. This product can be found at your local Sally’s!

Back to the video: I am using our Body 5ive, a super lightweight thermal protectant. It protects hair up to 450 degrees, which is typically the highest that most irons will go.

With my barrel iron, I’m going to start at the bottom, then I’m going to work these to the front and you can see in the image below that I’m holding away from the scalp.

Healium hair Holding Iron away from scalp for big, voluminous curls

I’m not pulling them down, but holding them away again, creating that volume.

Side Note:

My late husband, Cordi and I, started this company when we lived in the northeast and while pre-planning for the company colors and branding, Cordi would sit outside in the Hamptons. He loved the color of the sky so much that we decided that it should be one of our brand colors! He went to the local hardware store, got the paint pantones and they matched it to his liking and that’s where the light blue comes from!

Fun Fact:

Did you know that over 81% of women feel their hair is fine or thin? And we’d like to change it. I hope that you can take some of this information and find these great alternatives to make you look great and feel even better without breaking the bank.

Back to styling!

As you can see, I’m not curling all of my curls in the same direction. Personally, I don’t like my hair on my face, so I’m making sure to curl my hair back and out of the way. For some variety, I am curling a few locks of hair forward. This will give extra volume and definition when they lay.

Once my curls have cooled, it’s time to comb through using our Healium Hair Detangling Brush. Using a brush isn’t totally necessary, you can always brush through with your fingers if you want!

Here comes the fun part: FiberFlex.

This is not a hairspray. This is a gel in an aerosol spray. You can use it five different ways in the hair, and we’re going to use it two ways today.

  1. We’re going to spray it in at the root for volume
  2. We’re going to use it all over as a finishing spray

Once I section off my hair, I then, spray FibreFlex at the root. Secondly, we are going to give the hair a little back comb. As you can see, it creates a little bit of a tangle there, but as the product dries, it will create a nice firm hold.

We will rinse and repeat for each section of hair. Usually one to two inch sections, FibreFlex, then comb.

Healium Hair Beth Side By Side

Based on our side by side before and after, I don’t think that I have a lot of explaining to do. By cocktailing a few products we were able to achieve extreme volume with hair that is still soft.

The final product is touchable, and my fingers can go right through it.

Lastly, I have sunscreens to protect my color and I know when I rinse out every ounce of this product will rinse out as well. I don’t know about you, but after all this hairstyling, it might be time for a drink! If you use any of these styles, making sure to use hashtag Healium Hair so we can feature you on our social media!