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[Easy Messy BUNdle] 2 Full + 2 Travel aiHr Spray & Dry Shampoo

$52.00 $42.00

Running late to drop off the kids at school or lost track of time getting ready in the morning?
Don’t look in the mirror. Don’t look in the mirror. And…ya looked.
You just saw realized your hair is a mess! Need a solution? What about a messy bun?!
Here are 2 products for you to quickly assemble at home and 2 travel-sized products for the road! 🧡💙
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Volumize Your Hair Bundle

$75.00 $39.00

Say goodbye to droopy, flat hair and hello to full and gorgeous volume!
Hurry! Special Offer ends soon!
FREE 2-Day Shipping
FREE 5 oz. Recover Conditioner($18 Value)
Today Only!
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Travel Size Me Box


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Knotty Box


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Healium Detangling Brush


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Travel Size Quick Fix


Buy any 4 Travel products and GET 1 FREE! (ps – you can always gift the free one, we won’t tell anyone)

Add 5th item to cart for the discount to apply.

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Uptown Gel 4.67 oz


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Sea Salt Spray


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