It’s date night, a girl’s night out with friends or the holiday party is finally happening, but you’re in a hair rut. You don’t know what to do, or don’t have the know-how I’m here to help. I’m going to show you in this quick video, how to do this gorgeous finger wave along with two other styles that will help spruce up your look for any day or night time out.

The only thing I’ve done the morning of this video shoot is brush my hair and added a little aiHr Dry Shampoo at the root and along my hairline.

picture of Beth from Healium Hair with straight, sleek hairstyle for holidays

So for this look, I’m actually going to take either a comb or a brush, and I’m just going to split the very first front of my hair by pulling the back portion to the back. You can even take a hair tie just to pull this back so you don’t have to deal with it while styling the front part of your hair. 

I’m going to take just a little bit of aiHr Hairspray and spray the front and I’m going to use my Boar’s hair bristle brush(here’s a link to the 13 best boar-bristle brushes according to Allure). The reason I’m going to use this is it gives a really nice shine to the hair. I’m just going to smooth this down. If your hair is coarse, if your hair is curly, you can go in with Body 5ive thermal protectant and your flat iron, and I’m just going to go right over those areas. Not that I need it because my hair is fine and thin, but if you have thick, coarse, or curly hair, then I just wanted to give you an option.

Next, we are going to use one of our hair ties. You could use a regular elastic or you could use a small rubber band as well. And we’re going to pull the front portion of our hair behind the ear on each side, and then we’re going to secure these at the nape of the neck. Make sure to give it a nice little tug, so it’s nice and tight. 

You can see in the inspiration photo, there is a clear definition between what is pulled back nice and sleek and what is big and straight. So we’re going to go in and add some volume using either a hairspray or I’m going in with FibreFlex. This is our gel based aerosol spray to not only add height, but also add volume. 

Brush the hair straight back, section off that hair, spray your FibreFlex and for extra hold, give it a little backcomb.

We’re going to do that in sections, working all the way down the back of the hair. We want to make sure we have that definition here on the side as well. So, we’re going to do the same thing, separate the sides, do a little backcomb and add some spray, but we’re not going to touch the portion of your hair that is slicked back, nice and tight.

To complete this look, we have two final steps! We need to go in and smooth and define what we’ve pumped up for volume. And then we’re going to go in and flat iron. So we have a nice, smooth, sleek look!

The most time it takes for this style is simply in the flat ironing. I’m going to go in and just give a few finishing touches there. There you have it. Look, number one, done!

picture of Beth from Healium Hair with bubble braid hairstyle for holidays

Next up is our bubble braid. And this is a great way to wear your hair up and back off of your face, but look so chic and get tons of compliments. We’re going to start with the triangular section in the front, and we’re going to pull that straight back into a ponytail. What’s important about this style too, is making sure that your parts are clean because they will be showing.

Now, because I like big hair I’m not going to wear my hair flat. I’m simply going to pull it out a bit and work the top portion up towards the front.

Ponytail one and done! 

Now we do the exact same thing. Just a little bit lower. Pull the first ponytail forward. You can even clip it to keep it out of the way. 

Now onto our third ponytail. This is where we start to work. We’re going to move the second ponytail out of the way. However, we’re going to split our first ponytail in half. Now take ponytail number two and pin it towards the front and out of the way. 

We’re going to make a third ponytail in the back, just like we did the first two, but don’t secure it just yet. When I’m ready to secure it, I’m going to take the first ponytail section and include it in my third ponytail. Take a third rubber band and secure it.

This may get tricky, so I highly suggest watching the full tutorial! At this point, we are taking ponytail number three, pinning it upfront, and creating a fourth ponytail! Things are getting a bit crazy, I know! The end result is totally worth the work!

Before I secure my fourth ponytail I’m going to take half of my second, wrap it around and include it. And the other half of my second and wrap it around and include it. Ta-da!

Rinse and repeat the previous steps until you get to your fifth ponytail! In the video, I use an extra hair extension to add some length.

When we get to the bottom, we’re going to grab all of the hair into one ponytail and secure it together. We’re going to start deconstructing or pulling these apart so we can create a little bit of volume. We’re going to start at the top and pull these. And we’re going to go to ponytail number two and we’ll loosen it. We’re going to do that as we work our way down the braid.

picture of Beth from Healium Hair with finger wave hairstyle for holidays

For this finger wave, we want a triangular section left in the front. We’re going to make three barrel curls with our iron using that hair left out of the bun. 

Now we have our one front section that we are going to separate into three different rows.

After separating the rows, I’m going to pull each row nice and tight while holding with my curling iron. I want a nice firm curl when this is done, I’m going to pull my irons straight out. So my curl remains and cools in the formation it’s in.

Hit it again with Healium aiHr Spray!

Okay, so once the curls are cooled, we’re going to go ahead and take our clips out. We’re going to comb through these and make one fell swoop. When we’re doing a finger wave, there is an S shape and then a C shape. So we’re going to go in and manipulate the hair, using our tools, the hair, and the correct product to create that look.

I hope you guys had a lot of fun learning how to do these, make sure to share with us online.